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What to Know About Septic Tank Inspection

A septic tank is one of the most essential system in a home. Most people are therefore having septic tanks made for their convenience and to ensure that the environment remains clean. A septic tank is a chamber that is made of concrete or fiber glass that is dug underground and is used to collect waste that emanates from a house or a building. Septic tanks are a type of onsite sewage facility. They are mainly used in areas where there are no sewage system connection like the rural areas. It may therefore take water that may come from the kitchen sink, shower, and the washer among other places.

A septic tank should inspected at least once a year. Inspections will ensure that there are no forms of leakage that could pollute your environment. The inspection will also give the inspection services a room to maintain it and to carry out any repair if there is need to. Inspection can also be carried out when you are selling a home or buying one. This will ensue that the new buyer lives in a home that is healthy and hence free from diseases. Pumping may be done if the septic tank is full. Carrying out the inspection regularly will save you future costs that you would have incurred when repairing the septic tank.

When carrying out a septic tank inspection, there are two methods that can be used. One of the common method is the full inspection. This method is thorough and hence, it is done every three years. In this case, the inspection service provider will remove the lid to the septic tank and inspect the water level. The water level can be used to determine whether the water is draining properly or not. The inspector will also ensure that the water being drained is flowing well. The service provider may use a dye test where he or she introduces dye into the flowing water to monitor the amount of water that is entering the septic tank. Pumping will also be done to check the back flow from the absorption area. If there is any back flow, there will be an issue with the draining field. The inspector will also ensure that there is no blockages that may hinder water from draining.

Another type of septic tank inspection is the visual inspection. This is mainly done when buying or selling a house. In this case, the owner may be asked some questions concerning the inspection done to the property or the house. The inspector will then monitor the water pressure by flushing the toilets or running the taps. He or she will also monitor the drain field, cess pool or the standing water. The process is normally quick but it can determine whether your septic tank is okay or not.
Septic tank inspection is delivered by a professional. You can also do it yourself, however, the service from a professional is satisfying and accurate. Therefore, ensure that the individual that you hire to deliver the service is experienced and qualified.

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