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IE6 doesn't support position fixed. If you really need this to work in IE6, use conditional comments to serve an IE only CSS file and fake position:fixed with CSS .

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Ie6 position fixed bottom

Also, Is there any way to achieve the position:fixed effect for a div which have to be kept some distance from bottom, and not from top. Even, a jQuery solution will do. Thanks in advance.

position:fixed for internet explorer From comes this hack to emulate the css 2 positioning scheme position:fixed for Windows Internet Explorer without active scripting (including dynamic properties, behaviors and whatnot). But if you resize the window height grapping the top or bottom of your browser window, the bar/div stuck at the position like it would when position was absolute instead of position: fixed.
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Using “bottom: expression (0+ ;” for IE 6 Fixed Positioning. Ask Question 1. This seems like I'm just missing some syntax or getting it wrong, but on an ie6 specific style-sheet this locks it to the top of the view-port and stays fixed despite scrolling: However there is yet another IE6 bug where setting the bottom style of an.

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IE6 and below also simply need Javascript to do this, and they still don't do it really well. It calculates how far from the top of the document the browser bottom is. Meaning you can scroll down forever and ever:) and set to position: fixed, bottom: 0; left: 0; and maybe right: 0 for kicks. That's basically it. In relation to your IE6 comment below, IE6 does not understand position:fixed;.So what you do is have a wrapper div that has position:relative; filling the whole screen and then you position the div you want with position:absolute;.If however your site scrolls down you need to use CSS expressions in IE6 to keep the div docked to the bottom right corner.

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position: fixed; is basically the same as position: absolute; except that when the user scrolls the page, the element does not scroll with it, it just says exactly where it was. There are many pages that want to use this in order to position logos or menus. I want to make a div's position fixed on the bottom right of a page..(a chat box) do i do that through a css file which will work on all IE6/7/8 and mozilla .for now i have #chatBox{ Position:fixed to work on IE 6/7/8 and mozilla. Browse other questions tagged css internet-explorer position fixed or ask your own question.

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Thanks to everyone. But previously I was doing in my home in which pc has ie6 and I have tried everything as your solution giving width, top, bottom values but couldn't work. position: fixed in IE/win IE6 (and older versions) doesn't support 'position: fixed' and usually makes a mess out of what it doesn't understand, so many designers avoid .
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Thats not true. If you use fixed or absolute positioning, specifying only a bottom position will attach the element to the bottom. However, doing such a thing means that element is ALWAYS stuck to the bottom, no matter what. I have problem with the fixed footer! when i used fixed footer the content going under the footer but when i used the sticky footer the problem solved! then what is usage of fixed footer? (fixed footer just help our to keep our footer to bottom of page but we have problem with this i said at top!) so what is fixed footer usage?

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