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Let’s be real, there aren’t many of us out there that are rocking our natural hair color nowadays—so natural hair colors would we expect celebrities to? But somehow it still seems to shock us when we find out our favorite raven haired star is actually a natural blonde—or vice versa. And Emma Stone’s natural hair color is a total mystery at this point, considering she looks amazing in just about every shade she chooses.

Kristen actually was born with strawberry blonde locks. Gossip Girl is coming to an end, but here’s hoping natural blonde Leighton keeps her darker hue anyway. Brooklyn Decker was introduced to us as a dirty blonde, but the model and now actress has natural auburn hair. Jessica is a natural brunette and her sister Ashlee is a natural blonde. This latina has that natural beach bombshell look tan skin and dirty blonde hair. At first we were shocked when we found out Emma’s hair wasn’t naturally red.

But since her return to blonde, we’re starting to get used to her natural hue. With those big red lips, Angelina looks much better with brunette hair, opposed to her god-given dirty blonde. We completely forgot those honey highlights weren’t real. When we think of red hair, we think of Julia Roberts. Since she’s actually a brunette, redheads should probably find a new spokesperson. So many wigs, so many hair color changes. But Lady Gaga actually has dark, almost black hair.

While we knew the Fashion Police co-host’s natural color wasn’t purple, we didn’t know it was blonde either. Who can keep track with all those color changes? Drew may have had blonde locks when she played Gertie in E. Remember when this “Baby One More Time” singer first arrived on the scene with long chestnut locks?

Sookie Stackhouse may attract the supernatural with those long blonde locks, but the actress is natural brunette. Charlize just went bald for a film, revealing her chestnut roots. Honestly, we prefer the bright Hollywood blonde. Amy Adams has always been known for her strawberry blonde strands, but the actress is actually a blonde. Not seeing what you’re looking for?

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