Hair color ideas for brunettes

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47 0 0 0 13 6. From blended balayage to statement color. There are hair color ideas for brunettes tons of ways to dye your hair and keep your brunette base, from balayage to glazes to the fan-favorite ombre fade. Below, check out our favorite hair color ideas for brunettes, from natural blends to crazy pops of color.

Don’t forget to pin to your inspo boards for your next salon appointment. Pinterest Adding in just a few face-framing blonde highlights can totally change your look by warming things up and giving you a beach-ready glow. To avoid things getting streaky, keep the blonde more gold-toned as opposed to white or platinum, and add all around the crown instead of just the front to give a more natural, kissed-by-the-sun vibe. Instagram This muted melt is anything but boring, thanks to a unique mushroom-like shade that falls somewhere between ashy blonde and taupe. Both cool-toned and warm-toned blondes blend flawlessly into a mushroom-colored fade, and it’s the subtle shade Instagram is loving for color that’s casual-cool.

Instagram If you know your hair tends to pull slightly orange when it bleaches, a rose gold look is the perfect way to lighten up your brunette locks while keeping roots dark. This is the kind of look that gets better as it fades, so what starts as a warm, brown-to-rosy-toned glow will end up a rockstar-approved orange-y pink over time. Instagram If the idea of bleaching your brunette hair terrifies you, opting for an all-over glaze is the perfect way to inject a little color into your look. A red-toned tinge can warm up dull brown locks and give them an almost burgundy look.

Instagram This dark black-to-brunette fade is seriously stunning—and proof that you don’t have to go blonde to shake up your look. Plus, dark dyes are healthier for hair than bleaching, so your strands will thank you. Instagram If you like the look of dark, almost-black brown hair but want to get a little wild, adding a pop of color to ends is the perfect solution. Dip dye for a messy, care-free look, or do a melt like the look above for a seamless transition. Navy or teal are statement-making yet wearable options if neon pink doesn’t suit your day job. Instagram Ombre hair started making waves a few years ago, with stars like Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and J.

Lo flaunting perfectly blended brunette-to-blonde locks. This look is more natural than some other dye jobs, thanks to the progressive fade from root to tip. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hair looking bad when the roots grow out—it only adds to the look! Instagram Mousy browns are a total turnoff, but a rich, hot-chocolate color is an absolute must. Whether it’s a brunette glaze to brighten and shine your brown locks, or subtle toning using different shades of brunette to get the perfect, decadent look, this is a safe bet for beginner dyers who want their hair color enhanced, not changed. Instagram If blonde tips seem too sweet for your taste, a brown-to-gray fade is an updated, edgier take on highlights. Intentional gray and silver tones not only look effortlessly cool, but this dye job can also work wonders for women going gray early who want to mask—or embrace!

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