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You may recall my excitement earlier this summer, when I decided to try using henna as an girls hair dye-natural alternative to hair dye. I’ve always enjoyed changing-up my hair color, and thanks to a good friend of mine who happens to be a very talented hair stylist, I’ve had the opportunity to change it rather often.

However, looking for a more natural hair-coloring option, I decided to take a chance and try a henna hair dye that you can use at home. Using Lush’s henna is pretty easy and straight-forward. You simply melt the whole brick in a bowl with hot water, until a mud-like consistency is achieved. It takes a little elbow-grease to break the brick down at first, but before you know it, you’ll have an earthy-smelling mix that’s ready to apply. Like most hair dyes, you’ll want to use gloves when handling this mix.

Lush provided these for us when purchasing at their store. I also recommend standing in your shower while applying to your hair, so that any spills are contained! Again, a good reason to stand in your shower, to avoid staining your counters and floors. It’s also a good reason to protect your skin!

Apply to your forehead, ears and neck to prevent staining. This dye takes a long time to set. Depending on the vibrancy you want, the package says it can take one to six hours for the color to develop! That’s a long time to have your scalp wrapped in plastic. I only lasted two hours before I couldn’t take it anymore. Henna will not even-out your hair color. In my experience, if you have roots or highlights when you start the process, you’ll still have roots or highlights when you’re finished.

I was hoping for a more even color, so this aspect was a little disappointing for me. You must be careful when dying your hair AFTER using henna. So, if you don’t like the resulting color from the henna dye, you may not have a whole lot of options in order to correct it. I’ve heard that some are still willing to work with post-henna-dyed hair.

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