Different hair color styles

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From popular Hollywood celebrities to the more common fashionable women of today, the two tone hair style has evolved to be trendier and in-sync with the latest fashion in the most elegant manner. The two tone color effects not only help in making you appear prettier and magnificent, but also adds volume and shine to your hair. If you are a complete fashionista, and seeking to re-invent your style in the most subtle yet unique manner, the two tone hair coloring style can work wonders for you. By adding a little spark of some unexpected shades, be sure to turn the eyeballs wherever you go.

However, you need to be most creative and cautious as well in choosing the best color shades for you. The two tone hair style is characterized by coloring the top half of the hair using one color, and the bottom half using some different color. However, to create a dramatic effect, use of contrast colors works best with the two tone hair coloring style. It is important that you choose the color shades according to the skin tone, the natural color of the hair, and also the color which will make you feel comfortable yet trendy. Two Tone Hair To get that perfectly colored two tone hair, it is important to follow the styles in coloring. The most popular style is followed by fully coloring the top and bottom layers using contrast shades.

The lighter tone is generally used at the top, followed the darker contrasting shades at the bottom. While the Ombre and Balayage hair colors are losing their importance in the world of hair coloring, the contrast color strands and chunk highlighting are becoming trendier and sassy. The cored style works best with short haircuts, whereby half inch of color is added at the tips of the hair to create a vibrant two tone hair color effect. For the newbies, choosing the contrast color shades from the same color family is the best way to start with two tone coloring. Using more than one color in your hair in the concept of two tone hair coloring, not only makes you look sensational and unique, but also adds great depth and volume to your hair texture. No wonder, a two tone colored hair looks more voluminous and shinny than the single colored hair.

To sport a lot of contrast, apply very darker shades with something like platinum blonde, or create a more sophisticated look by suing the colors from the same family. To go more daring, bright red, purple and magenta are the latest two tone hair color shades, which you can apply all over your hair over the darker shades for a significant color change. To avoid the harmful effects of bleach, or the time-consuming hair dying process, you can simply use the two tone hair color extensions, and create that stylish look in just few minutes. You can also use a frosting cap, and color the hair chunks in parts with shades that matches your natural hair color. Create that oomph factor and exude sensuality and fashion with the two tone hair color effects. Ombre’ is one the hottest hair color trends these years and there are so many different options!

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