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14 0 0 0 10 4. 33 0 0 1 10 13. To find out more, read our privacy policy. The very best in hair toners for blonde and silver hair Want to be icy blonde? As a blonde, I would say the most important part of the hair colouring experience is the toner. Why should you have a toner? Toners are used to bespoke the tonality of your hair after and in-between a colour treatment, most commonly in blondes.

For example, lots of blondes like a cool effect and this will help to neutralise any brassiness. The treatment is applied at the backwash, and is used to keep your colour looking fresh between colour appointments and can be used every 2-3 weeks. Does it make a big difference? Toners can make a big difference, as the difference in coolness and warmness have a subtle change based on suitability of each hair type. Although you can’t massively alter the shade of your hair from the colour you have had – you can really transform the tone. Colour isn’t actually being applied, it is a non-permanent rinse that lasts up to 2-3 weeks.

What colour toner should I choose? Toner is not a self-select process and your colourists will be best to advise based on your colour appointment and what you have discussed in terms of the final finish you are looking for. New hair without the salon spend. Would a toner help get the icy blonde look? A toner will help to get the icy blonde look, you should discuss this with your colourist as it is used for subtle shifts in tonality such as cooling or warming up colour. Toners aren’t necessarily designed for crazy colours however they are ideal if you want to play with pastels over blondes. Pinks and lilacs are very popular for example.

The majority of celebrities would be having a toner after their colour appointment, it’s quite a salon standard these days as it’s such a great way to subtly bespoke your colour. Poppy Delevingne is a good example of this. Can brunettes use a toner or is it just for blondes? Ultimately toners can be used on all shades of colour but they do tend to be more useful for blondes due to guests very specific blonde ambitions.

How do you keep your colour vibrant once the toner fades? Regular refreshing every 2-3 weeks is advised to keep colour looking super fresh and to your preferred tonality. Can you have just a toner appointment and if so, is it worth it? You can book in for just a toner and it is advised for in-between your colour treatments which you would have every 6-8 weeks, even 10 in some cases is advised to keep colour looking super fresh. Glamour Beauty Club The perfect beauty products, delivered to your door. Get Elle-Woods-worthy blonde hair with this Sachajuan professional shampoo that banishes unwanted yellow and brassy tones, while boosting locks’ radiance. Locks are left soft and shiny whilst canceling out minor brassy tones.

Best for blondes who’s natural colour isn’t far off their dyed do, and just needs a zhoosh. Yep, not only does this bring your blonde hair to life, it also gives it a lovely sheen. Blue shampoo can sometimes be too, well, blue! This lifts your blonde, without the blue tint.

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