Best hair dye for dark hair

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Hair Detox A few times a year, your hair probably starts to feel a bit gross. Please forward this error screen to 132. But becoming a bottle brunette is not without its challenges. Here are ten things you need to know before you go over to the dark side. You’ll need to think about your brows. If you decide to fill them in, picking a product that matches your new color is imperative. As a general rule, you’ll always want your brows to be one to two shades lighter than your hair for the most natural look.

Ask any colorist or bottle brunette what shade she uses and you’ll probably get a confusing answer: most dark shades are a mixture of multiple colors that address different color concerns. For example: someone whose hair gets brassy may want a base color that’s more ashy or violet-based to counter the unwanted gold tones, while someone with a lot of grays may need a splash of gold to effectively cover up their silver strands. The dye can be rough on your skin. Despite being found in most dark-colored cosmetics and tattoo inks, it can cause a nasty skin reaction: swelling, itching, burning and redness.

Though full-on allergic reactions are rare, they do happen—and when the cause is permanent dark dye, they happen dramatically. There’s no way to know in advance if PPDA is going to irritate you, and allergies can develop over time. If you feel any undue burning or itching, or if your face swells or gets red, rinse your head immediately and contact a doctor. Allergic reactions are nothing to sneeze at! You’ll learn the pains of upkeep. If you’re just going slightly darker than your natural color, maintenance will likely be really easy.

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