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A torn or cut tendon in the forearm, at the wrist, in the palm, or along the finger will make it impossible to bend one or more joints in a finger. Because flexor tendons are very close to the surface of the skin, a deep cut will most likely hit a flexor tendon. In these cases, the tendon is often cut into two pieces.

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flexor digitorum superficialis (FDS) functions as a flexor of the PIP joint. assists with MCP flexion. individual muscle bellies exist in the forearm FDS to the small finger is absent in 25% of people. flexor pollicis longus (FPL) located within the carpal tunnel as the most radial structure.

The thumb has one flexor tendon to bend the tip. The most common cause of a flexor tendon injury is a deep cut to the palm or the finger(s). When cut, the tendon acts like a rubber band, and the end pulls away from one another. When this happens it becomes impossible to bend your finger(s). Feb 15, · Flexor tenosynovitis is the condition where there is irritation and inflammation of the sheath surrounding the flexor tendons. When this happens, the flexor tendon catches and the patient is unable to extend or flex the finger. Majority of the cases of flexor tenosynovitis are infectious in Occupation: MD,FFARCSI.
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Indianapolis  Kokomo  Avon Fishers Terre Haute HAND FLEXOR TENDON REPAIR – THUMB. Indiana PASSIVE Motion Program 3 Weeks Postop Congratulations you have reached the 3 week point in your therapy program! Your tendon is stronger, which allows you to begin gentle active motion (on your own muscle power).

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Thumb flexor tendons
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There are four thumb tendons: Abductor pollicis longus: This tendon helps you move the thumb away from the palm to form an open hand. Flexor pollicis longus: This tendon helps you bend the thumb. Extensor pollicis brevis: This tendon travels along the back of the thumb and helps straighten the thumb. FCR tendon. The flexor carpi radialis tendon is one of two tendons that bend the wrist. Its muscle belly is in the forearm and then travels along the inside of the forearm and crosses the wrist. It attaches to the base of the second and third hand bones. It also attaches to the one of the wrist bones, the trapezium.

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The flexor tendons (flexor digitorum superficialis and flexor digitorum profundus) that run along the front of each finger are encased in a continuous sheath of connective tissue. Along this sheath, there are five thickened areas that create annular pulleys (A1, A2, A3, A4, .

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